GOLD!!panda vision
Our company was founded based on the experience of working on a wide range of entertainment businesses at publishers and major entertainment agencies. Together with members with unique backgrounds such as overseas entertainment, fashion business, and Generation Z, we will provide content and entertainment experiences that match the times.
  1. プロダクション業務

    Production business

    In the smartphone era, “video” is indispensable for communication with users. Through a business alliance with creators, we will form an optimal team for each project and produce reasonable and high-quality videos. We also have a wealth of experience in casting in collaboration with entertainment agencies and influencer offices.
    1. Video production / WebCM production
    2. Casting
    3. Event planning
    4. Public relations agency
  2. エージェンシー業務

    Agency business

    Now,we are engaged in support operations such as planning and development of multiple broadcasting stations and advertising sales. We can provide total support from planning and research work to implementation and operation. Inquiries based on consultation and information exchange are also welcome.
    1. Content / IP sales
    2. Advertising sales agency
    3. Sponsor sales agency
    4. Production and sales agency
  3. コンテンツ制作

    Content production

    We produce our own content. We will disseminate “manga”, which is a representative content of Japan, to English-speaking countries and Chinese-speaking countries. The purpose is to expand the playing field of Japanese creators to the world.
    1. Cartoon video marketing
    2. Apparel planning and sales
    3. Liver business
    4. e-Sports business


  1. YouTube cartoon video with the theme of girls’ high school e-sports club
  2. MOEMO=萌え (Moe) +エモ (Emotional). MOEMO is NFT/Web3 creator network. Please join MOEMO Network!
  3. This is PANDA LIVE! From the live streamer office. We support those who want to send overseas and those who want to become a river. Please contact us first.