Communicating Japanese
Creativity to the World
Communicating Japanese Creativity to the World


Through the business
Improving the environment surrounding humans,
Bringing richness to the mind
Even in the modern age of digital transformation (DX), high-quality entertainment that feels the warmth of people is necessary.
We provide content development and entertainment experiences that anyone can devise and enjoy regardless of national borders, races, and genders.
Our important vision is to improve the natural and social environment surrounding humans.
About panda vision


We develop and provide high quality content together with our partner companies. We are also working on developing our own content.
  1. プロダクション業務

    Production business

    1. Video production / WebCM production
    2. Casting
    3. Event planning
    4. Public relations agency
  2. エージェンシー業務

    Agency business

    1. Content / IP sales
    2. Advertising sales agency
    3. Sponsor sales agency
    4. Production and sales agency
  3. コンテンツ制作

    Content production

    1. Cartoon video marketing
    2. Apparel planning and sales
    3. Liver business
    4. e-Sports business
  1. 東京ゲーム少女
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